10 Rappers Caught by the IRS

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MC Hammer


(Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America)

A breakout rap star in the 1990s, he owes just under $800,000 in back taxes. He is so in debt that it is reported that everything he earns from his company Hammer, LLC goes toward the hefty debt.

Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill is seen leaving court after the judge postpones her sentencing and gave her two weeks to pay back taxes.
(Source: Kena Betancur/Getty Images North America

Sometimes the price is heavy. Lauryn Hill found out just had heavy it could be. She went to jail for 3 months for not paying neatly $1 million dollars in back taxes. These charges span over ten years.

Fat Joe


Source: Rob Kim/Getty Images North America

Fat Joe also saw the inside of a jail cell in 2013 and will still have to satisfy his $718,000 tax debt to boot.