10 Rappers Who Are Self-Proclaimed Weed Heads

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Even Governor Schwarzenegger has made a comment against criminalizing weed. He stated that he does not do drugs, and when questioned about his marijuana use he told the reporter that marijuana is just a leaf. Colorado and Washington state have legalized it, and many are gearing up to follow suit. A few rappers are self proclaimed weed heads today for their own reasons.

10. Curren$y


Instagram @spitta_andretti

This Big Easy rapper shows his love for the herb, he even has put out some healthy weed tips! He works on many different projects, yet smokes copious amounts in between. Who says weed makes you lazy?


Instagram @spitta_andretti

9. Wiz Khalifa


Credit: Instagram @mistercap

Even though he has been arrested on drug charges Wiz Khalifa remains open about Marijuana. He says it should be legalized and the world would be a better place if it were.


Credit: Instagram @mistercap

8. Lil Wayne


He will tell anyone that he loves pot, and openly smoked at concerts and public events. Recently he discovered that his Miami home was not selling because buyers were put off by the smell of weed.