11 Times Chris Brown Was Insensitive AF…This Will Infuriate You

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When he blasted Kehlani and claimed that her suicide attempt was bullsh*t

Chris Brown at the 1st Annual Xmas Toy Drive hosted by himself and Brooklyn Projects on December 22, 2013

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Chris recently ruffled feathers by claiming that Kehlani’s suicide attempt was just a way to keep her Instagram comments at bay. Whether or not it was attention-seeking or real, it’s clear Kehlani needs help and not all of the bashing.

When he went to a basketball game with Rihanna while Karrueche was at home


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Karrueche later revealed that they sort of broke up, but Kae was still with her stuff at Chris’ home while he suddenly left the house to go to the game. She claims she heard about his date with RiRi when she saw the photos surface online like the rest of us.

When he put Karrueche on blast for hanging out with Drake

Alexander Wang x H&M Pre-Shop Party

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Remember when Chris took to Instagram to blast Karrueche for going on dates (with another friend) with Drake while he was locked up? It was just all bad on social media that day.