11 Times Monica’s Daughter Proved She Needs Her Own Television Show

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If you follow Monica on Instagram, then you already know how much of a perfect specimen she is alone, and all of the positivity she exudes. If that’s not enough to make you want to follow, then maybe her daughter, Laiyah Brown, will get you to click that button. The little 2-and-a-half-year old girl shows off her adorably hilarious personality all throughout Monica’s page, and she’s got tons of sass, dance moves, and one-liners to go around. We’re convinced that she is worthy of having her own television show.

monica laiyah

Source: Instagram @monicabrown

See the moments where Laiyah proved she needs a TV show on the following pages.

She can remix any song to be kid-friendly

Imagine the amazing theme song her own show could possibly have!

She knows how to win an argument even if she’s in the wrong

That’s definitely quality television for all of those news outlets.