11-Year-Old Girl Jaden Newman Scores 59 Points in Varsity Basketball Game

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Source: Twitter @Basket_Infos

This little girl is a monster. In case you have no idea who Jaden Newman is, you guys better recognize this little baller. The 11-year-old superstar has drawn comparisons to Stephen Curry because of her unconscious shooting ability. Last year, she defeated Steph in a three-point contest when she was only 10! This past Tuesday, she continued her hot streak by delivering a scorching 59 point performance against Victory Christian Academy in a 98-46 rout.

She had no shame in destroying these varsity players.

Last year, she dropped a cool 57 points during a game, as well. In addition, she made 16 three-pointers to down her opponents. Talk about being a long-threat assassin.

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