9 Best Battle Rappers

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According to wikipedia, the concept of battle rap begins with bragging and plenty of “combined with put-downs, insults, and disses against real or imaginary opponents.” Check out our list of 12 best battle rappers in the game. Ladies and gentleman, please enter the ring…


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Cassidy in Studio

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Born in Philly, Cassidy is a recording artist known for his aggressive lyrics. He first emerged on the scene as a battle rapper and, later, switched to a career recording music. He received his first major break when gaining the attention of his mentor Swizz Beatz,. Swizz signed Cassidy to his label Full Surface records distributed and the project went on to be a success for the young MC. Now, he has released Let’s Go Champ which showcases that Cassidy is still a battle rapper to not mess with on the verbal ring.

Murda Mook

Murda Mook & Mase

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Murda Mook is from Harlem and recognized for his battle rap skills and destroying all opponents which he is later dubbed as the Floyd Mayweather of battle rap. This was similar to any great boxing rematch from an arguably decisive win. Both guys let it all out on the stage and Mook, after defeating Lux, remain the champ. There has been plenty of talk surrounding his battle with Drake, but the latter has not officially accepted the challenge. Personally this is a battle I would love to see and I think the world is ready.

Tsu Surf


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TSU SURF is from Newark who has also made a name based on his aggressive lyrics and awesome for creating song structure, a skill most battle rappers lack. Recently Surf has released Keep Praying, a track featuring Styles P (of Lox fame) and R&B singer Emanny. The track includes hard hitting lyrics with a rather smooth hook that’s definitely worth checking out. There’s no official date for an album release but we do know that he is well respected within the battle rap scene.

Loaded Lux

Loaded lux stand up

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Another rapper reppin’ Harlem, Loaded Lux made his appearance as a force within the early aughts, battling many of the elite contenders. Lux and Mook have bumped heads twice in the arena of battle rap and many considered these two as the elite veterans in the battle rap game. In the two previous battles, Lux has lost twice which, regardless, takes nothing away from his craft. Let’s just say that the battles between the two will be etched in the history books. Beloved is Loaded’s most recent project where it showcased his ability to put his hard battle rap lyrics in song format with great substance.

Iron Solomon

Iron Solomon head shot

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Iron Solomon is a Jewish battle rapper from NYC and he has proven himself with many of the best when it comes to the battle rap scene. He even signed a contract as a solo artist with Duck Down Music. Consider his battle with Mook a sad (and bad) day for Solomon as he got destroyed. Since then, and to this day, he has lost respect within the battle rap scene. His battle with Daylyt also went down in history as it brought something missing from battle rapping: The 2 MC’s had a very mutual respect for each other! At end of the day, there were ‘2’ winners. This is a highly recommended battle worth watching.


jin taking a random photo

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MC Jin (or simply “Jin”) is a recording artist originally from Miami but moved to NYC where he began his music career. Jin got his chance at fame and didn’t look back as he was given the chance to freestyle against an opponent on BET’s classic show 106 and Park. During this time, he won so many times on the show that the producers decided to unofficially retire Jin from the show as reigning champ. After his show success, he would gain the attention of Ruff Ryder records and where he would eventually sign to a recording contract with his first record “The Rest is History.”