12 of The Greatest Hip Hop Books

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When you think of hip hop, you don’t think of books and, conversely, when you think of books you don’t think of hip hop. However, there are countless of hip-hop heads who have written, contributed, and published amazing books. We here at HHMW have compiled a list of the top 12 greatest hip-hop books from some of the biggest and important figures in the game. Check our list and let us know which is your favorite.

12 Best Hip Hop Books

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Look inside to see which 12 books made the list!!!

The Tanning of America

the tanning of america by steve stoute

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In The Tanning of America, Steve Stoute (a former record executive turned advertising executive, Steve Stoute) talks about how hip-hop created a culture that rewrote the rules of the new American economy.


jay z decoded book

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In Decoded, rap mogul JAY Z combines a collection of lyrics and their meanings that together tell the story of a culture, an art form, and a moment in history from one of the most provocative and successful artists of our time.