12 Things You Would Recognize If You Grew Up In Hip Hop

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Hip hop culture is definitely one that can’t be matched, and is in a league all its own. Ever since the birth of the genre in the 1970’s, hip hop has been trend setting like wildfire, giving us some of the most recognizable style and swag of any culture. Whether it be the big heavy chains, to the adidas track suits, it’s hard to miss some hip hop stylistics within a crowd.


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Check out 12 things you would recognize if you grew up in hip hop on the following pages.

Excessively color-coordinated outfits

Candids: June 15, 2009

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Coordinating colors within an outfit was definitely a huge part of a rapper’s ensemble.

Excessively color-coordinated outfits

soulja boy hoverboard

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Soulja Boy definitely helped to make it a huge trend back after he released “Crank That,” with his S.O.D. clothing line.