13 Pop Stars Who Failed At Rapping Miserably

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It’s no secret that so many people outside of hip hop culture love hip hop, and the fan base seems to be growing more and more each day. A lot of pop stars have expressed their adoration for the musical genre, but unfortunately, some have loved it enough to try it out for themselves. With Taylor Swift having just done a cover of “Jumpman” for Beats by Dre, it made us want to go back and reflect on the pop stars we hope will just continue sticking to their day jobs.

Taylor Swift performing

Credit: Kevin Kan/Getty Images

Check out pop stars who failed at rappingĀ on the following pages.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a culprit of attempting to do covers of rap songs multiple times, and each one seems to be more cringe-worthy than the previous. Here she is rapping to Young Buck’s “Shorty Wanna Ride.”


While we love Adele and her British accent, and Nicki seemed to love this cover, we can’t help but hope that Adele will stick to being a powerhouse vocalist.