13 Rappers Who Became Unrecognizable

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Rappers these days all seem to have something that makes them distinguishable from the next artist, but over the years, some have switched up their looks so much that it’s hard to tell that it’s them anymore. A lot of rappers over the years have either lost a lot of weight, gotten surgeries, or had an awful accident that made them nearly unrecognizable to fans. There are some rappers who we’re still questioning if it’s the same person, and some we know are still the rapper we know and love deep down.

2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival – Day 3

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Check out rappers who became unrecognizable on the following pages.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall and wife Crystal arrive at The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

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Paul Wall used to be one of the Southern Kings of the turn up, and was known for being tatted up, a little chubby, with his famous grills. A couple years back, he came out at the Grammy’s with a huge weight loss, no grills, and a fancy suit on. We could’ve sworn he was a pop star or something at first.

Lil Kim


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Lil Kim is the biggest culprit of becoming unrecognizable, having gone through countless surgeries over the years on her face. The rapper has literally a completely different than when she first started rapping in the early 90’s.