10 Rappers Who Are BMFing: Blowing Money Fast

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Shiny cars, lavish mansions, loose women, endless parties, world tours and tons of bling- the life of the rapper is one to be envied. But not every rapper is lucky enough to be on the Forbes Cash Kings list. So when fame fades and cash flow slows, it’s not hard to see why some just can’t give up the luxuries they’ve gotten used to.

Rapper Lil Wayne At BET AWARDS 14 Show

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With a reported net worth valued around $160 million, Bryan “Birdman” Williams is a wealthy man. But you’d be surprised at how fast that number can shrink when you have an appetite for private jets, expensive cars and flashy jewels. TMZ recently reported a $5 million loan was taken out for “renovations” of his $14.5 million Miami mansion, and in 2009 he gifted Lil Wayne a $1 million Chopard watch for his 27th birthday. Seems like Birdman might benefit from a talk with his accountant about thriftiness.


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The Atlanta rapper is worth a little over $2 million and wants everyone to know it. He’s been known to brag about carrying no less then $25k in pocket change and recently bought himself and Ciara matching Bentleys. But with 4 kids and 4 baby mamas to take care of, it might not be a bad idea to put some of those dollars towards college.