15 Minutes of Fame: Mic Geronimo

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mic geronomino

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It’s Monday and we’re taking you down to memory lane of a hip-hop beast/lyrical assassin. That’s right: we’re talking about a Queens legend and a real New Yorker, Michael McDermon aka Mic Geronimo.

Around the way in Queens there were talks about a young MC on the rise with the total package. It was then that Geronimo would team up with the music mogul in the making at the time, Irving Lorrenzo, recognized under the name, Irv Gotti. He would eventually work with Irv and release of the underground, “sh*t’s real.”  This collaboration would spark the signing of his recording contract with Blunt/TVT records, which they released his debut record The Natural in 1995.

In 1997 is when Geronimo’s status rose to a higher level, working with acts such as JAY Z, DMX, and Puff Daddy on his Single “Nothin’ Move But The Money.” The record would peak at #3 on Billboards hot dance/maxi-singles sales chart. Many will (or may) say that the Queens MC had only one hit or two but he certainly laid down a platform and opened up many doors for other MC’s to come. In fact, if you listen closely, his style and delivery that influenced many hip-hop artists heard today.

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