15 Minutes of Fame: Akinyele

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Akineyele chilling in the studio

Source: Instagram @ChiModu

Today’s 15 minutes of fame comes from a well known MC from the notorious LeFrak area of Queens.  The MC is Akinyele Adams aka Akinyele who is known for his harsh and sexually lyrics.

In 1996, His track “Put It In Your Mouth” was released under the Stress/Zoo/BMG Records and this record would become an instant classic and became the theme music inappropriate yet sexual advances.

But this is where this 15 minutes of fame takes a turn for the best and not the worst.  After mastering and understanding where and how to make a role in music, Akinyele went in to the adult entertainment business owning and managing strip clubs.

In addition to his business venture, Akinyele’s biggest accomplishment is owning the biggest adult entertainment club in the world called “Club KOD” or simply titled as the official “King of Diamonds.”  The club is set up like an arena including 10 sky box booths and 30 private VIP rooms; in other words, it is what the public called the mecca of adult entertainment.

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