21 Savage Covers Cost for 3 Year-Old’s Funeral

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CREDIT: John Canon Photography

More than a successful artist, 21 Savage is kind at heart as he pays for a 3 year-old boy’s entire funeral arrangements.

CREDIT: Gunner Portraits

T’Rhigi Diggs and his family were just settling down after celebrating the his’s 3rd birthday two days prior, when he was fatally shot in a drive by shooting. His mother was driving past a gas station in Georgia when she noticed men with paintball guns out her window.

With little time to react, she heard the actual, loaded gun go off and her baby immediately started crying from the backseat. Unfortunately, T’Rhigi’s life could not be saved from the gunshot wound. The police are still investigating but the only incentive appears to be from a “paintball war.”

CREDIT: Just Jared

21 Savage is a family friend and once he heard of the incident he immediately stepped in to cover the funeral costs for the young boy. He wanted to “take the weight off the family’s shoulders.”

CREDIT: Gunner Portraits

Word of 21 Savage’s contribution has not only brought to attention his warm hear but also his conscious effort to prevent future events like this to happen. Following his breakup with Amber Rose, he still holds great emphasis on family and friends.