10 Rappers That Should Be Signed Right Now

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With the Internet making it easier to get  music out to the masses, these 10 Emcees have managed to rise above the rest, using the web to their advantage. Although unsigned, these rappers have managed to create a mainstream buzz big enough, not only to grab our attention but also garner the attention of most major labels and established artist alike.

Here is Hip Hop My Way’s Top 10 picks of  Rappers That Should Be Signed Now!

Nitty Scott MC

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Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York. Nitty Scott, MC brings a different perception into the life of a female rapper. As a self-proclaimed progressive hip-hop artist, Nitty Scott talks about more than shoes and shopping.The LP provides exactly what the title suggests: the art of chill. It’s smooth relaxing beats that keep the mind in tranquility

Flower Child

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Archie Bang

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Representing Flatbush Vietnam Archie Bang has definitely been making a name for himself. known as the rapper who’s calls himself “Radio Raheem resurrected” his latest project showcases Archie’s ability to spit flames over ruggedly-wrought but crisp production.