5 Times Future Has Been Son’d By His Arch Nemesis

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Future has been on one for nearly two years. His wave has grown tremendously, and he continues to flood us with new content every few months. While he continues to conjure up more bangers in the studio, it appears his enemy is inching a step closer towards usurping him for his hook throne. Rookie rapper, Desiigner has caused tremors since his inception, with the release of his infectious tune, “Panda.” Since inking a deal with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music Label, he has watched his stock skyrocket to the point comparisons are being made between he and Future. Instead of bashfully stepping away from the comparison, he has insinuated that he’s nowhere near Future and in fact better.

2013 BET Awards – Backstage Winner’s Room

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Desiigner Lands a Number One Record

This has to be the ultimate ‘L’ for Future. Despite having several number one albums under his belt, he still hasn’t gotten the proverbial monkey off his back in terms of singles. Desiigner one upped him by landing on the top spot on Billboard’s Top 100 with “Panda.”

Future Listens to Panda At the Club For the First Time

When the drugs wear off and u wondering “when the hell did I record this song???”

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While being at the club, Future was tortured by DJ’s after they elected to play the poignant banger in his presence. Talk about disrespectful.