5 Times You Unfortunately Slept On Jadakiss’ Snapchat Game

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While you may be busy waiting for DJ Khaled to post an update to his Snapchat every 10 minutes, there are a few celebrities out there that are definitely worthy of another follow from you. Jadakiss is definitely the next in line to be a follow, and while he doesn’t frequently post to his account, we can promise you some serious gems when he does.

Reebok Classic Breakout Jadakiss

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See Jadakiss’ best Snapchat moments you’re missing out on on the following pages.

When he had ashy hands and users freaked out about it

jadakiss snapchat

Source: Twitter @FiyahMuZik

Followers are still trying to figure out why Jadakiss is wearing such prestigious glasses, but not fixing the ashiness on his hands.

When he shared his theory on the value of candy


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If there’s one thing Jadakiss knows and raves about on Snapchat, it’s nostalgic candy.