6ix9ine Gets 50 Cent’s Approval as King of New York

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Source: Instagram @6ix9ine_

In an interview 6ix9ine did with the Breakfast Club last week, the “Gummo” rapper mentions that he hasn’t had one co-sign from a major artist since he began his ascension into rap stardom, despite the impressive numbers he’s earned on his track record. As of this week, it looks as though that claim is no longer fact.

6ix9ine recently made an Instagram post that shows him posing with 50 Cent and includes a caption that solidifies his first celebrity co-sign:

”50 told me next time I say I’m the king of New York to say it LOUDER. He also gave me 13 dollars for my birthday how ironic right 🤷🏻♂️ haters so mad right now 😂”

50 Cent had originally posted the photo to his own Instagram earlier, but with a different caption:

”The little homies getting big as a motherfvcker. 50: l said you can’t be saying all that crazy s**t you be saying. 69: said why not you be saying it. 50: l said oh shit you right, fuck it do what you want to do. LOL NY #power #theoath”


What’s that “crazy s**t” 50 is referring to? All signs point to it being 6ix9ine’s claims of being the king of New York. Those claims have been widely debated by the public, and even directly contested by The Game via Instagram, which has sparked a bit of beef between the two artists.

Conveniently for 6ix9ine, many consider 50 Cent to have held the title of the King of New York at one point in his career, and it seems as though 50 would agree. In 2004, he dropped a mixtape titled King of New York, and even dropped a D-Block diss track titled “I Run New York” not too long after. Now, 50 Cent is throwing his weight behind 6ix9ine’s contention for the throne.

In addition to the aforementioned posts made by both rappers, an additional post was made to Instagram by 6ix9ine that was captioned “YA DIDNT THINK I RAN NEW YORK?”, and included a video of him and 50. In the video, 50 says “tell ‘em what you running!”, and 6ix9ine obliges jovially. The original video has since been taken down off 6ix9ine’s Instagram, but has been reposted by DJ Akademiks. See the video below.

#50cent co-signs #tekashi69 as the King of New York!

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So far, no other artist has tried assert themselves as king of New York over 6ix9ine… But if on the off-chance someone has, they aren’t making too much noise. Even though 6ix9ine has claimed the status of New York royalty, he still paid respect to other artists popping off in New York in his Breakfast Club interview, shouting out artists Cardi B and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Regardless if you agree that he is king, that’s a noble move.