6ix9ine Sets The Record Straight on His Gang Affiliation on the Breakfast Club

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Last Friday, 6ix9ine (AKA Tekashi69) pulled up to Power 105.1 to do an hour-long interview with the Breakfast Club. Over the course of the interview, various controversies and questions were brought up, and 6ix9ine had an answer ready for all of them. About a third of the way into the interview, Angela Yee brings up one of the more notable controversies surrounding 6ix9ine: the fact that he has been known to associate with and seemingly rep both the Crips and the Bloods in the past.

When Angela Yee asks him about his affiliation with Crip and Blood gangs, 6ix9ine begins his response by letting the Breakfast Club know that he was ready to discuss whatever was brought up on the interview. With that said, he brings up the fact that he used to run with Scum Gang, a group out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, but says that no one can say who he was “Crip under”. In other words, 6ix9ine is saying that he was never actually a Crip member, and didn’t affiliate with the gang in a way that would directly antagonize any rival gangs. Read more of what he had to say below.

”It’s really not hard to find me, blood. I’m always outside. And the hood I live in is Crips and Bloods… So if I’m with Crips, and I’m with Bloods… Yo, I didn’t come home ‘till this year! So, if people are like ‘yo, you running with Crips,’ I’m running with Crips. If you people say you running with Bloods, I’m running with Bloods, or if I’m running with both, I’m running with both. They both my homies, you know what I’m saying?”

While still on the same subject, Charlemagne probes 6ix9ine further by asking, “Can you do that? Can you go from wearing blue, then switch over to red?”

“I don’t think you can do it if you’re actually a Crip member,” 6ix9ine says. “But I was never Crip.”

Now, I wasn’t gone say shit else to this buster ass phony cuz I’m way beyond this peon but he disrespected my city & a rag I put in my pocket, lost countless homies, relatives & my own brother over. A Color & way of life I almost died over… Its niggas all over the world who take this blood shit serious & they are not gone be playing these games when they catch you…. This right here takes the mothafuckin cake tho !!!! “BLUE BANDANA BEDSPREAD” now you the king of NY bloods.. I’m fuckin crying homie 😭😭😭😭 The 9trey niggas I know from NY can’t be cosign’n this 🤡 !!! Foreal homie ???? 😂😂😂😂 this is the BIG BLOOD KING OF NEW YORK ???? Stop it 5… just cut all the shenanigans & jokes & just be the nice boy you are inside Daniel. Pretending gone get you hurt kid. It’s REAL NIGGAS out here dying over what you playing around wit. All you kids following this dummy need to know he playing wit y’all lives too…. tryna turn red rags into Disneyland tickets… This ain’t for you… you confused ass lil retard… real niggas on ya head worldwide cuz you out here fakin the phonk… I pulled ya hoe card… don’t make me split the deck #Teryaki69 aka #Rainbowbrite #TheDiaperSniper

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This false-flagging controversy was brought to a climax when The Game came at Tekashi69 first by calling him a “Fake-a** Blood” at a European concert, then posting a series of pictures on Instagram. In the pictures, 6ix9ine can be seen wearing blue, sitting on a blue bandana bedspread, and throwing up the Crip gang sign. In the music video for his breakout single “Gummo”, 6ix9ine has Blood gang members surrounding him and waves a red bandana, so The Game’s Instagram posts sparked widespread questioning of 6ix9ine’s gang affiliation and authenticity.

The Game’s posts were made in mid-March of 2018, but 6ix9ine has gone on record to address the controversy as early as October 2017, when a video was posted of him saying that he is good in his hood, where there are both Bloods and Crips. See the clip below.

Aside from The Game, 6ix9ine has caught static from West Coast figures such as Slim 400, Boskoe 100, Jooba Loc, Big Homie Rum, OG Spanky Loco, and others. Along with his hotly debated gang ties, his past charge of sexual misconduct with a minor (which he also addresses in the interview with the Breakfast Club) is also a reason he has been targeted. Still, 6ix9ine seems confident in his movements, and the only altercation he’s been caught up in so far was in a scuffle at LAX. See that video below.

The hosts of the Breakfast Club seemed to agree that a lot of the trouble that 6ix9ine has experienced, particularly gang-related trouble, he has brought upon himself. 6ix9ine disagrees, but that didn’t stop them from bringing in a pastor into the interview at the end to pray for his well-being. Watch the end of the interview to see the prayer.

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