7 Hip Hop Moments We Desperately Wished TRL Gave Us Back

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Today, the new-aged kids might not be familiar with music countdowns considering they’re now archaic and defunct. In case you guys don’t know, MTV’s TRL helped millions of people become music aficionados because they constantly spoon-fed us new music on a daily basis. Carson Daly was a hero in our eyes. He helped usher in a generation of new artists like Kanye West, Eminem, 50 Cent, and more because of his extraordinary platform. For that we’re forever grateful.

MTV TRL With J-Kwon And Kanye West

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Check Out Which Hip Hop Moments From TRL We Wished We Got Back

OutKast Performing “Hey Ya”

This was when OutKast reached the apex of their careers. “Hey Ya” was their biggest hit to date and the crowd at TRL loved every second of their performance.

Aaliyah Hosting TRL

HHMW will always have a soft spot for Aaliyah because the effervescent songbird was taken too soon.