8 Hip Hop Stars Who Betrayed Rap Music

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Most hip hop fans can probably agree that these days, rap’s sound is changing and growing. While the culture is starting to infuse a lot of outside sounds, there are some artists that seem to be leaving the genre altogether to pursue something brand new. Many artists are incorporating electronic music, country music and even reggae music into their sound, but there are a few who seem to ditch rap music completely and pursue a whole different career.

Big Day Out 2014 – Sydney

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These are the culprits who stopped showing love to hip hop.

Post Malone

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Post Malone is the latest culprit of ditching rap, and while he says that he will always be doing hip hop, his newest phase is becoming a country singer. He released a statement on his new look while responding to being left off of the XXL Freshman list this year, where he said he was currently not focused on hip hop.

Snoop Dogg



Snoop Dogg has been in the game for almost 25 years as a highly successful rapper, so it’s understandable that the OG would want to experiment with something new. Just a few years back, the MC changed his named to Snoop Lion and released a reggae album for his new fan base. While it didn’t do as well as he probably had hoped, we’re glad Snoop got it out of his system.