8 Hottest Rappers Of All Time

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You Must See the Hottest Rappers Ever

Whether you’re into chicks or dudes, rap culture is full of gorgeous performers. Whether it’s their looks, their body or something in their attitude that turns us on, these are 8 of the hottest rappers of all time.

50 Cent

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Watch any interview with a female fan in the room and you’ll see her swoon for Curtis Jackson’s smile and laid back style. The muscles also help to explain why Ciara obsessed over Fiddy.

LL Cool J


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Nowadays we think of LL as the actor that used to be a pretty good rapper, but back in the 80’s and early 90’s, it was hard to find a female hip hop fan that didn’t have a crush on the charismatic emcee. Just watch him lick his lips, you’ll understand.

Nicki Minaj


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Let’s admit it: Nicki Minaj is a little scary. Her wild sense of fashion and her commanding, bossed up presence are intimidating, and that’s kinda hot.