8 Most Disappointing Tracks and Albums of 2013

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2013 had plenty of great new music, and plenty of bombs. Here are some that didn’t meet the hype.

Kanye West – Yeezus


Black Skinhead hit with one of the hardest beats of the year, butin spite of a few standout tracks, Yeezus was a mostly middling-album with a lot of skippable songs.

LL Cool J – Authentic


Cool J has been on the scene for about thirty years now, and Authentic wasn’t necessarily a bad album, it just offered little to set it apart from his previous work, and very little reason to keep it on rotation.

Jay Z -Picasso Baby

Source: Fame Magazine

Source: Fame Magazine

Picasso Baby was just about the weakest track from an A list rapper all year. So Jay is rich enough to buy expensive art now. Who cares? Who honestly cares?