8 NY Hip-Hoppers That Are Still Picking Up On the Dirty South

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1. South of Montana


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French Montana was born in Morocco and raised in the Bronx, but he spits his singles with a southern inflection and a regional beat. His nasality and call-and-response techniques are pointing southward.

2. Down In H-Town


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Inspired by the likes of Southern hip hop artists Geto Boys, UGK and Slim Thug, A$AP Rocky has continued to bring Houstons production qualities up to NYC, i.e. his hazy sound and chopped and screwed chorusesdespite initial backlash to his sound on the east coast.

3. Leanin Southward


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Fat Joe took the scene in 2004 with his epic hit Lean Back, and though hes maintained his Hispanic NYC-oriented sound throughout his career, other tracks like Yellow Tapein which he collaborated with French Montana and A$AP Rockyare clearly tied to southern influences.