9 Cult Hip Hop Flicks

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Looking for a hip hop classic you haven’t seen? Give one of these a chance the next time you feel like chilling out with a movie for a couple of hours.

Fat Boys in The Disorderlies

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

It’s almost hard to believe this movie exists, a Three Stooges-esque romp with hip hop novelty act The Fat Boys in the leading roles.

King of New York


Rappers love Goodfellas and Scarface, but one of Biggie’s favorites, King of New York, stands as the only mafia flick with Schoolly D on the soundtrack.

Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel

Tupac Shakur- Thug Angel

A documentary on the legendary poet, rapper and cultural leader. Thug Angel takes an intimate look at the man behind the image.