9 Hottest Tagging Legends

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Graffiti went from an underground artform to mainstream in recent decades, but even in the era of designated public walls and galleries for famous taggers, it retains something of an outlaw vibe. Here are 9 legends of the spray can.


The only graffiti artist your mom can name. Banksy isn’t the most technically impressive, but his funny, insightful pieces have changed the way the world sees the form.



Quik was a subway and street artist whose work made its way into galleries. Quik has a comical bent to most of his pieces and has helped to prove that graffiti can be a fine art.

Lady Pink


Pink has been tagging NYC since 1979, having started her work after her boyfriend was arrested. She’s not just on here because we needed a girl on the list in a form dominated by men, she’s one of the best taggers around, male or female.