9 NBA Thugs Everybody Fears

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Every basketball team needs a bully or an enforcer to inject fear into the eyes of their adversaries. By knocking down opposing players or setting brick wall screens, these guys relished injuring marquee players for the sheer thrill of it. They didn’t just love winning ball games, they loved mercilessly snapping necks and watching the other teams level of confidence dwindle because of their aggressiveness. These guys are and were bone crushers.

Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets

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Dennis Rodman

Bulls V Heat

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Lauded for his defensive intensity and rebounding prowess, Dennis Rodman was a pest on the floor. The Hall of Famer knew how to get under your skin and was a brute force in the paint. He would push, shove, and kick his way to get a rebound. He was ejected all the time and even was suspended one time for viciously kicking a cameraman.

Ron Artest

Detroit Pistons v Sacramento Kings

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Metta World Peace – formerly known as Ron Artest – was a goon. He played stifling defense and loved getting into star players’ heads. He also loved brawls. Who can forget about that fateful night at the Palace of Auburn Hills when a fight ensued because he attacked a fan in the stands? How about when he gave James Harden a concussion?