Cry Me a River: 9 Rappers That Have Cried Publicly

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Everybody cries. It’s a part of life. Even though rappers are supposed to emulate big bad gangstas, they all have vulnerabilities and are human too. There are a plethora of rappers who have cried a river for numerous reasons. Whether it was from joy, pain, or anger, nobody is too strong to ever cry.

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Here Are 9 Rappers That Have Cried Publicly

Kendrick Lamar

This would make anybody cry, even King Kendrick. After usurping the throne from the East Coast and even in his own hometown of Cali, Kendrick was awarded the King of the West by some of his contemporaries and West Coast Legends. It’s ok to shed one, King.

Joe Budden

In case you didn’t know, Joe Budden is a very sensitive dude. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. While he’s very good at hiding his emotions, during his time on Love & Hip-Hop, Joey got very vulnerable when he spoke with his mother regarding his horrid addiction to drugs.