9 Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar is the Robin Hood of Rap

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Not too many rappers can see Kendrick Lamar toe-to-toe. For one, K.Dot is a lyrical assassin. But, more importantly, not a lot of emcees exude the same candor and altruism as Kendrick. Even though K.Dot has been showered with awards and isn’t in financial ruins anymore, he always manages to think beyond himself. Despite his success, he hasn’t forgotten about those in the hood or anywhere else, in general. He wants to see not only himself and his team win, but everybody as well.

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Check Out the Nine Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar is the Robin Hood of Rap

Kendrick Uses the Biggest Platform to Speak On Social Issues

Kendrick Lamar

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Donning a prison outfit and handcuffs, Kendrick gave the public an otherworldly experience inside the life and psyche of the black man in America at this year’s Grammy’s. While some rappers simply talk about it, Kendrick used his talents on the biggest stage of them all to voice his concerns.

Kendrick Gets the Key to the City of Compton

Kendrick is enamored with his city of Compton. The mean streets raised him and prepped him to be a lion in the jungles of rap. Because of his contributions and accomplishments, he received the key to his beloved city.