9 Reasons Why Point God Allen Iverson Is the Tupac of the NBA

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On Monday, it was revealed that Allen Iverson was inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame. His prolific career stems back to 1996 when he was drafted by the hapless 76ers. A.I. was handed the keys to the franchise and quickly accelerated to the apex of basketball because of his play. Nobody had an answer for The Answer. Yeah, he wasn’t polished or clean cut like a la Grant Hill, but his vulnerabilities and flaws were accepted by those who understood his plight. His game and attitude resonated with us because we knew his pain. We knew Allen Iverson was something great and universal.

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See Why Allen Iverson Was the Tupac of the NBA

He Wasn’t Scared of Competition


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During his rookie year, Allen Iverson wowed pundits and coaches because of his seamless transition from college stud to full-time baller. Eyes finally opened when he sautéed Jordan with his ankle-breaking crossover.

He Had Heart

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While Pac didn’t astound you with any punchy lyrics, he had heart. A.I. exemplified that on the court every game. Marred by a team with limited star power, A.I. willed his team to the finals in 2000.