A Rule and 50 Beef Overcooked or Nah?

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Source: Pacificcoastnews.com;Gvk/Bauergriffin.Com

Source: Pacificcoastnews.com;Gvk/Bauergriffin.Com

Rapper Ja Rule had some not so pleasant things to say about 50 Cent in a recent interview on NYC’s Hot 97 morning show.

Ja Rule stated the following:

“I’m gonna give y’all the reason why people believe 50. He’s buff – he comes up here, he’s snarling, looking tough and sh*t and people fall for the sh*t. People fall for it. But really, he’s ‘not’ that dude. He’s not that dude but people don’t realize that because of his demeanor. … I’m just talking actual, factual. He can feel any type of way he wants to, I don’t care. … I’m not frustrated, I don’t give a f*ck about it anymore. But, I wrote a book about my life, I had to put the story in it. If I don’t put it in the book, are y’all mad at me? I’m just telling the story – I don’t care anymore.

I really don’t think anybody even cares at this point. Sometimes some beefs just become….lame.