A Tribute To Authenticity: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Died 11 Years Ago Today

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard terrorizes the roots

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It’s been 11 years since hip hop lost Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and since it was pretty sudden, many are still feeling the intensity of the loss. Since his passing, there has definitely been an absence felt, as his personality and authenticity made for quite an untouchable legacy that artists are unable to match these days.

One thing that made ODB very unique was his lack of fear to be very authentic, which sometimes came in a risky fashion. For his Return To The 36 Chambers album, the rapper was being as authentic as it gets, as he used his actual welfare card as the cover. He was being completely frank by putting it out there that he was on welfare, and had been dealing with that struggle despite his success in rap. Click on the continue reading page to see why ODB’s legacy still lives on…

ol’ dirty bastard

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Another part of ODB’s legacy that made him unique from many other in the music game was his erratic behavior that also came with some important messages. In 1998, the rapper stormed the stage at the Grammy’s where he interrupted the whole awards show in order to go on a rant about Wu-Tang Clan’s music. After “Song of the Year” was presented, ODB headed on stage and took the microphone to give his infamous line, “Wu-Tang is for the kids.”

ODB has been a staple artist for being authentic, raw, and not being afraid of what others think. Rappers these days can definitely take some lessons from his legacy and apply them to their own game. He has been greatly missed in the hip hop community since his tragic death in 2004.

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