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HipHopMyWay has a pulse on all things Hip Hop, and is now committed to showcasing NEW unsigned/undiscovered talent. From art and culture, to industry news and artist submissions, we have created a place that gives Hip Hop a home. HipHopMyWay allows users to engage with the music space and be a part of an engaging and interactive community, bringing you Hip Hop… your way.

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Brian Carenard (Saigon) was born in New York City on July 13th 1977. Raised by various family members spread along the east coast, his early years were marred by instability and quickly lead Saigon down a troubled road.

By age of 12, Saigon was caught on vandalism charges. By 15, he entered directly into the youth division services of an adult prison for attempted murder. While locked up, Saigon turned to music as an escape from the prison walls. With a brand of rap that was gritty but intelligent, he covered the struggles of racism and life inside, cultivating a following amongst his peers in the prison system.

In 2000 Saigon was released, and he formed Abandoned Nation, a label that brought together like-minded prisoners with a shared dream. He also developed the Abandoned Nation Foundation, a non-profit branch that works with the children of incarcerated parents to provide them with a better sense of family structure.

By the mid 2000’s, Saigon had released his first mixtape, landed recurring roles on the HBO hit show Entourage and VH1, and gained worldwide exposure.

After launching another album and forming his independent label, Squid Ink Squad, Saigon co-founded "HipHopMyWay," a website that delivers the latest Hip Hop music, news, gossip, and perspective to an engaging online community.

Today you can find Saigon working as Brand Ambassador for HipHopMyWay, focused on keeping audiences at the forefront of all things Hip Hop. Saigon produces viral digital content, and contributes quality insight to help develop the HipHopMyWay brand.

Saigon’s commitment and unadulterated approach has brought him to the top ranks of the Hip Hop world, with no sign of stopping as he continues to spread his lyrical talent, intelligence, and philanthropy throughout the community.

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