Act Your Age Kylie Jenner…Wait!?

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She sent a childish diss to Amandla Steinberg when she got called out for appropriation

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Amandla was trying to educate Kylie on using her platform to raise awareness for #BlackLivesMatter, instead of benefitting off of black culture, but Kylie told her to go hang out with Jaden Smith, her alleged ex, in response.

She referred to herself as “an infant child”

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During a live stream with boyfriend Tyga, while discussing getting married someday, she revealed she isn’t ready for all of that because she is still a “child.” Tyga has been at the center of controversy for his relationship with Kylie because of her young age.

Kylie posts a photo of her hugged up on Tyga

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Kylie definitely had a pretty petty message for Blac Chyna after she posted a photo of herself laid up on top of her man, Tyga. Showing off his tattoos, Kylie made it clear that Chyna was no longer on Tyga’s mind. ¬†