Adam “Pacman” Jones Sends Threat to Ludacris – I’ma Beat Your Ass

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Seems like Ludacris is in the hot seat once again due to his Instagram choices.

A few days ago Ludacris posted a collage of photos making fun of  NFL player, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones’ 2010 neck injury. One picture shows a group of men and women  in a pool, with the women on top of the shoulders of the men, and a close up of one woman in particular who  happens to be a heavy set woman smothering an unidentified man. Beside the picture of the heavy set woman’s close up was a photo of “Pacman” Jones during a 2010 Neck injury sporting a neck brace with the hash tag ” #nowthatsludicrous

Source :instagram/ludacris

Source :instagram/ludacris

Apparently, “Pacman” did not find this amusing and took no time to respond to luda’s photo with a direct threat to the rapper/actor saying,

“@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your ass …. Now post that #pussy,”

Adam Bernard “Pacman” Jones is an American football cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals but is also from Atlanta Georgia, so a run in with the two is very possible. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate into something physical.

In related news, just a few weeks ago Luda was blasted by photographer Paul Pichugin after the Atlanta rapper posted a photo of his without giving him credit. The Australian photographer filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice with Instagram in the hopes that his picture will be removed from Ludacris’ account. The photo has since been deleted.