Akon Launches His Own Cryptocurrency “Akoin”

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Source: Instagram @akon

Over the past few years Akon has taken time away from music to focus on his efforts in Africa. Besides his solar power initiative, the 45-year-old singer announced he will be creating his own cryptocurrency. Akon is definitely not the first celebrity to jump on the crypto bandwagon.

Steven Seagal is a founder of the slightly humorous “Bitcoiin,” a knockoff version of the increasingly popular Bitcoin. In all seriousness, Akon has full intent to give his cryptocurrency a go, calling it “Akoin.”

The Akoin will be used as the only type of currency available in an African city development. The African-native artist has already started construction on a 2,000-acre piece of land granted to him by the president of Senegal.

The crypto city is intended to help the quality of life for many who are in need. Akon proclaimed the news at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Monday, describing the project as the “real-life Wakanda.”

During a previous interview, Akon stated, “Build your career then chase your passion.” He has done just that by focusing heavily on music production from 2003-2010 before he started chasing his passion for non-profit projects. While the construction gets underway, he has also mentioned battling for 2020 presidency with Trump and Kanye. The future is looking bright for Akon as a crypto mogul.

Source: Instagram @akon