Alert To Conscious Rappers: You Are In The Clear To Step It Up

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andre 3000 2014 Lollapalooza – Day 2

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Over the past few years, the hip hop community has heavily complained about the content that is being promoted, especially when it comes to the radio. Many have been comparing the major differences in content matter and substance of tracks between today and the 1990’s, when it seemed as though bars were of much more importance in rap. While many have been making this argument over the last couple of years especially, this year has certainly proved to be a ground-breaking one for “real hip hop.” With rappers proving that they are here to show their creative side, as well as spit some more conscious bars, hip hop seems to be making a quick turnaround.

This week, Styles P made a tweet that seemed to be pretty eye-opening to hip hop fans, writing, “I’m just patiently waiting working hard and staying focused Because it seems like having bars is coming back in style.” Styles is very much correct about that one, as we’ve seen projects coming out left and right that contain much more substance than the typical party turn up energy, and flashy, lavish lifestyle.

With that being said, although it seems as though a lot of the newer rappers released new music, there are still some that have yet to give us a true project.

Shaggy and Styles P Visit MTV’s “Sucker Free” – November 20, 2007

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Fans have been badgering Andre 3000 to drop his debut solo album that has been allegedly in the works for years. With the shift occurring in hip hop as far as what is being brought to the surface of importance, this may be the best time for Three Stacks to give us the long-awaited project. Jay Electronica has been sitting on the rumors of his anticipated album to drop, and yet we still don’t have anything hitting our ears. This year, rappers such as King Los, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, Lupe Fiasco, A$AP Rocky, and many more were able to drop amazing, eye-opening albums. This is proof that hip hop is paving a way for conscious rap to make its way to the surface, rather than keeping itself at the bottom of the music ocean.

Conscious rap doesn’t have to remain in the darkness any longer, and with that being said, it’s time for the music to reflect that. Whether it come from the OG’s, the legends, the newcomers, or some of the rising talents, hip hop needs everyone to get on board. This is a crucial time, as hip hop is in the middle of a transition, and it can easily go back to its old ways, or it can go back to its even older, conscious ways. The choice is up to the listeners, but mostly all of you wise rappers out there.

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