All Hail God’s Son: The High’s And Low’s Of Nas

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There’s no question that Nas is one of the biggest veterans in the rap game, and has kept up a lot of longevity over the years. While he’s certainly had some hits and misses in his career, the legendary MC has stayed strong and true to himself no matter what. Having come long and far from his days living in the Queensbridge projects, Nas has experienced some of the highest high’s and lowest low’s in hip hop. In honor of one of his best albums’ anniversaries, which was inspired from his lowest points, God’s Son, we take a look back at his up’s and down’s.

Nas: Time is Illmatic Screening And Live Performance In Oakland

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Check out the the high’s and low’s of Nas on the following pages.

He released his debut album, Illmatic, which has become the center of many best rap album debates.

Nas ‘Illmatic’ album cover art

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It’s hard to have a discussion of best hip hop albums, and not bring Illmatic up.

He welcomed his daughter, Destiny, into the world on June 15, 1994

Destiny Jones Nas Daughter Twitter

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Although he was very young when he had Destiny, she was such a blessing for Nas, and he even did a tribute record to her on his last album.