All The Reasons Why DMX Is The Real G.O.A.T

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There is no question that DMX is definitely up there with the legends of rap music, but the MC is also up there as far as being a beloved hip hop personality. Despite his personal issues outside of the music business, the New York rapper has stolen our hearts with all of his crazy antics, and impressed us with some of his bada*s, no filtered behavior. While we may not condone the crimes he has committed, he has definitely earned a top spot on our favorite hip hop people list.

dmx 2012 Rock The Bells Festival Press Conference And Fan Appreciation Party

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Check out the reasons why we love DMX on the following pages.

He gave us one of our favorite beloved hood movies, Belly, with Nas

Nas and DMX Belly Movie

Source: Twitter @TheLaunchMag

You can’t tell us that this had one of the best film introductions of all time.

He’s performed for one of the biggest crowds in the world, and it was insane

This may be the most insane crowd you will ever see in your entire life. This has to be the whole world in one location.