Angie Martinez Reported To Make Double Her Salary With Her Switch To Rival Station

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Source: John Parra/Getty Images North America

In case you were wondering what would make the voice of NY, Angie Martinez, unexpectedly jump from the station she helped become a powerhouse to it’s rival, we now know the answer, money.

It’s been reported that Angie Martinez, who is now an employee of Clear Channel, will be getting paid a salary in the high six figure range.

While doing an interview at her new home, Power 105.1’s breakfast club, Angie  stated the following:

“It was time for me to grow and to do things… I’m sure you all know, this company offers so much opportunity for growth. I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges and see new things. I want to know how this studio works. And it was time. I’ve done what I can do in that company. I think my friendships remain.”

Angie Martinez’s new show on Power 105.1 is reported to begin the second or third week or July. She will also have her own show in Miami in the same 2 – 6pm time slot.

Go Angie!