Another High School Player Dies Playing Football, Is Change Needed?

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16 Yr Old Football Player Cam’ron Matthews

Credit: CBS 19

This isn’t good. Once considered a beloved sport by many, football is now increasingly instilling fear in the lives of many parents. On Saturday, 16-year-old Cam’ron Matthews, was pronounced dead after collapsing on the sidelines of his football game the previous night.

According to his teammates, during the first half of the game in Alto High School in Texas, he was reportedly feeling dizzy. Afterwards, he began having a seizure and was airlifted to the hospital. Sadly, he died the next day.

Cam’ron Matthews

Source: Deadspin

While the cause of his death hasn’t been revealed, Matthews becomes the sixth football player to die this year. Unfortunately, this melancholy ending sounds all too familiar.

As a young man who’s deeply enamored with sports, it’s hard to watch kids die at the hands of what they love. Everyday, these kids entrench themselves in the routine of practice and game preparation because of their immense love for the game. Do I think they should stop playing football because of these past tragedies? No. But, I do believe that we need to tighten our safety precautions in hopes of promising our kids a long and bright future.

So for the families of Tyler Cameron, Rod Williams, Ben Hamm, Evan Murray, Kenny Bui, and Cam’ron Matthews, I sympathize for you all.

Let’s hope that we can find a way to ease the pain and find a balance between the game of football and our children’s safety.

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