Ante Up! These 6 Rappers Need To Pay Their Taxes Right Now!

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As much as rappers love talking about money, you would think they would have some saved for a really day. Come on guys! What happened to saving money for rainy days? You know Uncle Sam doesn’t play around with his money. Apparently, these guys didn’t get the memo and are now in a pretty tight situation. Open up those checkbooks, because it’s time to pay up.

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Check Out Which Rappers Need to Pay Their Taxes Right Now

MC Hammer

MC Hammer performs at IEBA 2014 Conference

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Somebody thought they were too legit and decided to quit paying back the IRS. After losing a heated battle in 2015, MC Hammer owes $800,000 stemming all the way back to the 90’s.

Lil Wayne

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Wayne thought he was too cool for school and decided to never pay back his taxes. At one point, Wayne owed the IRS $12 million. Earlier this month, he was slapped with a tax lien close to $900,000.