Apple Plans For World Domination

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Apple is by far the most popular tech company out right now. From it’s advancements in computers, phones and, overall, entertainment, it’s no wonder why people camp out and wait every time a new product line is released.

Recently as Apple’s new advances in music such as its lucrative deal with Dr. Dre’s popular Beats By Dre brand and the newly formed Apple Music, the brand that Steve Jobs built continues to grow in popularity and profit. Now, in addition to its sleek Macs being placed on your lap, in your pocket, and on your wrist, Apple now wants to be on your television (and no, not Apple TV).

According to Variety, Apple is planning to take Hollywood by storm as it’s alleged that they’re in current talks and negotiations with Hollywood executives to “suss out their interest in spearheading efforts to produce entertainment content.” What does that mean exactly? It means Apple is trying to figure out how to make TV shows and produce┬ámovies.

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If this is in fact true, although we don’t know how it will be configured, what does that mean for popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu? Most likely everything as it’s only because Apple does everything bigger and better, leaving very little room for competition.

It’s also been reported that Apple CEO, Tim Cook has about $200 billion to spent and plenty of motivation to turn Apple into the sole destination for online users. Although it’s unclear as to how this will pan out, we here at HHMW are sure Apple was it under control. For more on the full story click here.

What are you thoughts on Apple’s soon to be world domination? Are you surprised or was this expected?

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