Are Resellers Ruining The Sneaker Game?!

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The days of saving up and being able to walk into a sneaker store and get a pair of Jordan’s or highly sought-out sneakers at a regular retail price are long gone. Now, if you’re not lucky enough to cop it during its original release day, your only option is to go to eBay or a sneaker retailer.

The business of reselling sneakers is a booming and very lucrative one and even if it isn’t your day-to-day bread and butter hustle, if you get your hands on a pair of limited edition sneakers, it’s probably worth it to both you and your pockets to flip and make some quick cash!

Matt Powell, footwear industry analyst at NPD Group says:

Resellers who are only in the game to make a quick buck drive up prices and limit true collectors and fans from getting the shoes they want. In a very limited way, resellers can connect collectors with shoes, but the collectors must pay an exorbitant price for that privilege.

Although resellers have always been a part of the sneaker community, the market has grown tremendously, assuming because of supply and demand, over exposure via social media or millenials with expendable income willing to pay those prices amongst others.

With sneaker trade shoes like Sneaker Con and Sneakerness in Amsterdam and people from all over the world selling and trading sneakers at amounts that would make the average Joe cringe, the reselling game is here to stay for good, but hopefully the interest in sneakers will die down and make it a little bit easier to secure sneakers during their original release.

What are your thoughts?

Would/do you spend top dollar for a pair of sneakers that retail for a small fraction of the original price? Or do like many others, do you not think it’s worth it, especially considering how frequent “limited edition” sneakers are released?

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