Arrested Woman Bribes Cops With Booty-Eating

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Woman Bribes Cop

Monroe Police Dept.

A 52-year-old woman, Diane Thomas was arrested on May 16 in Monroe, Louisiana for verbally and physically assaulting her boyfriend. She punched him multiple times in the face and scratcher him her fingernails. When the cops arrived, The Smoking Gun said she told them “her boyfriend was a bitch” and she got in her face so she “beat his ass.” Basically admitting to her crime and being arrested, she offered to eat the officers booty; as a plea. She told the arresting officer:

If you wont take me to jail, I will get on my knees right now. Officer I will even lick your butt hole.

Not only was she arrested for a domestic abuse and charged with a misdemeanor, but also charged with public bribery which is a considered a felony! Wow, I hope offering to eat the officers booty like groceries was worth it…