3D Na’TeeNew Orleans, Louisiana
Samantha Davon James
December 18, 1986
Rapper, Video Director
Years Active
1994 - present
Hip-Hop, Horrorcore
Already Legendary, BMB


3D Na’Tee

3D Na’Tee is a rapper from the 3rd Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up at the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic in a household with two parents who sold crack. When Natee was still very young, her parents changed from successful dealers to full-fledged addicts.

She started freestyling in grade school as an outlet, and soon realized that she had a talent for rapping. She would play the dozens with her classmates, which is essentially battle rapping, as a means to alleviate the stress that she was experiencing at home. After her father’s death and her mother’s incarceration, she was left with few options and decided to start selling drugs.

After a run in with the law, she recognized she was jeopardizing her only source of joy, which was music. She then devoted herself full time to developing her music career, and came out with her first project: 3's Company Vol.1: The Rapper, The Hustler, the Diva. In 2011, she shot and edited a video for her song “Switch.” She has released three albums and three mixtapes between from 2012 to 2017.

@3DNATEE – Nas’ “Cops Shot The Kid” T.Mix