Anti-Regular BoyzNew Jersey
June 07, 1992
Years Active
2014 - present
Sloppy Vinyl


Anti-Regular Boyz

Mista Splurge and Chadbussa joined forces in March 2018 to form the greatest tag team ever: Anti Regular Boyz. Anti Regular Boyz is a society of non-regular, regular people who are not weird just different from the norm. When joined together, they sonically sound all emotions of the human mind, while capitalizing on their unique entities.

Mista Splurge, hailing from Newark, New Jersey, is bridging the gap between old and new school hip-hop. The Newark native has a voice of a God — very pleasing to the ears. Splurge is a mixture of everything from a nerd, a bully, a jock, a class clown, and even a teacher. In his recent years, he's made some outlandish breakthroughs within the subculture, along with a single ("Jerome Jhamal") that has crossed over to many markets. He's also collaborated with acts such as Lil yatchy, A$AP Ant, UNO The Activist, Thouxanban Fauni, and Nessly. He’s everything from humble to flashy.

Chad Bussa is a Nigerian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in New Jersey from Nigerian immigrant parents, he was introduced to music at a young age when he learned to play the saxophone in the local jazz band. Leveraging his musical foundation in jazz and inspiration by artists such as NERD, ‪Kanye West‬, Max B, and ‪Outkast‬, Chad Bussa has been able to turn his craft and upbringing into a lifestyle, giving him the opportunity to share the same stage as many major artists. He grew up playing tennis competitively up to an international level and looked to music as a source of motivation on and off the court. Chad is best known for his eccentric vocal style, high energetic presence, and eclectic taste in fashion.