Boo-ker BlahzayBuffalo, NY
A. Tyes Jr.
August 28, 1990
Real Rap


Boo-ker Blahzay

Boo-ker Blahzay is a rapper/producer. His image, as well as his name, is a ying yang-like concept. Boo-ker is the God-fearing man, the father, the old school soul, etc; Where Blahzay is the angrier, blunt, realistic, and wilder side. Coming out of Buffalo, N.Y., and heavily influenced by some of the greats like Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Big Pun, 50 Cent, and Eminem, to name a few, he delivers real conscious messages accompanied by versatile rythmic flow, constant word play, and catchy/hypnotic-like hooks.

Writing and deriving songs from his personal life experiences and from those close to him, he touches on subjects that many or no other hip-hop artist has ever explored. Writing raps from the age of 12 has allowed Boo-ker Blahzay to hone his skill and master his craft.

In his opinion, his strongest skill is rapping — producing is second nature. As a life long hip-hop head, he's developed an ear for good music, good rap skills, and "banging" beats. He represents Mulatto pride as a solution to unity, being how separate races have to "meet in the middle," in order to create a bi-racial child. He's spreading the message to embrace your flaws and short comings as a personal motivation to become a better you.