Choco ValensMiami, FL
July 27, 1989


Choco Valens

Hip-Hop today has become watered down and diluted with gimmicks, further distancing itself from the days of true lyricism and rap skills. However, the artist born Bryan Hernandez, professionally known as Choco Valens, has been perfecting his craft for years in South Florida’s underground rap circuit; And is now poised to showcase his artistry to the world.

Choco was born and raised in South Miami, where he stayed until he turned 13. Soaking in the Hip-Hop atmosphere that surrounded him became one of his favorite things to do. This is what he feels inspired him to become the rap artist he is today. He began to listen to the fun-filled rhyme style of Sir Mix-Alot as a youngster, but he also got into The Fugees, who had a groundbreaking album entitled, The Score. Around this time, Choco also got heavily into Tupac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Trick Daddy, and he suddenly realized Hip-Hop, and more importantly, rapping, would be his life-long passion.

As he grew older, he began to take notice of the difference between an M.C. and a mainstream TV rapper. Although there were several commercial artists he appreciated, he opted to take the M.C. route. Writing down ideas and just playing with songwriting, Choco began to collect an impressive amount of “rhyme books,” as he called them.

“I started writing bars at the age of 12 and through all of the bullsh*t, I learned that I had achieved the ability to rhyme better than the average kid, and my passion for Hip-Hop continues to grow daily, so my music speaks for itself,” he states proudly.

Indeed, Choco Valens is in an interesting position. He is legendary, talented, and extremely hungry to prove himself and show his skills off. Fake M.C.’s beware.

Second EP drops sometime in 2019...

Choco Valens – “Mumble Massacre”