E.T.E.L._Boston, Massachusetts
Eric Gaines
December 28, 1983
Years Active
2006 - 2018
Hip-Hop, Rap
Brawliknumber Music Group



E.T.E.L._ (Excellent Talent Excels Lavishly) brings music for the golden era connoisseur. Storytelling an arsenal of word play and vocabulary, mixed with wise lessons from street tales down to fatherhood, and braggadocious fly talk, he's the real rapper's rapper.

Being the first born to teenage parents in the early 80s, he was born right into hip-hop. His first album was realesed underground on Boston-based, Indie label, itbeeslikethatent, in '03. Formerly known as E-telligent, he and his childhood friend launched their own label, Brawliknumbers Music Group.

"There is a void; There is this thing where people are separating themselves. Like where I'm from — the thugs, the hustlers, the working dudes, the fathers — at the end of the day, sit on the same park bench, and talk about the same issues, drinking the same henny. We are all going through the same stuff in some form or fashion. I'm here for them, the real dudes in the struggle, not the pretenders."

New music: Go E-tel (Restore the Feeling)” and “Mintycoolattagreentealemonzestfly,” now available on most streaming sites.

E.T.E.L. – “Go E-tel (Restore the Feeling)” feat DJ Cadillac Jack